Happy Dragon chinese restaurant on Main Street in Biddeford, ME. Delicious chinese food with a lot of menu options and great hours.

Happy Dragon

Business Hours

Monday-Wednesday: 11:30am-10:00pm
Thursday-Saturday: 11:30am-1:00am
Sunday: 11:30am-10:00pm

Dining Room Hours

Monday-Wednesday: 11:30am-9:30pm
Thursday-Saturday: 11:30am-12:30am
Sunday: 11:30am-9:30pm



Camilla R.

Happy Dragon is EASILY the best American-Chinese food anywhere. I live in Southern California now, and the first thing I always want when visiting Maine is the crab rangoon's from here. Stopped by last weekend with a party of 8 and they are always accommodating to large groups, the restaurant is outdated but still cute in its own way. The service is fast. This place is easily in my top 5 favorite restaurants in Maine, solely because of my love for some fried American style Chinese food.


John S.

Definitely one of the best Chinese food restaurants in Maine. Food is delicious. My favorite dishes are house lo main I always have them make it spicy. And the po po platter for 2. The spare ribs and beef teriyaki are unlike I have had at any other Chinese restaurant. Also the mai tai and scorpion bowls are delicious as well.


Raelin B.

My friend and I love to go here late at night when most places aren't open, because unlike most restaurants, the service doesn't get worse as the night goes on. It's certainly the best Chinese food in town, and the amount of food you get for what you pay is wonderful! The food is always out quick and warm, whether you're picking it up or eating in.


Lynn S.

Classic American Chinese food,  their presentation is consistently well prepared.  We had a good collection of their dinner menu options with plenty for tomorrow's lunch all for a reasonable price.  They have a small lounge and ample street parking and a few tv's in the lounge and restaurant.  Not fancy but tasty.


Jennifer D.

The "food" here is absolutely disgusting.  Everything tastes like it's been prepared in the same pan and bears absolutely no resemblance to real Chinese food.  I've given this place two chances and both times, I became incredibly nauseous afterwards.  I'd rather starve to death that eat this swill.


Vince K.

If you want American Chinese food for a good price with a friendly staff, this is the place. If you expect authentic Chinese food (which they don't really have in Maine) drive down to Boston.


Jainy L.

Good food, generous portions, fast and friendly service, and great prices.  I have never had an issue here even when I order specialty items. Nothing spectacular but always consistent. What more could one want when craving chinese food.


Greg C.

We came to Happy Dragon because Jewel of India (down the street) was closed for vacation. What a nice surprise - this is the best Chinese food I've had in a long time. I typically don't go for Chinese food at all given how it makes me feel afterwards. None of their dishes here did that. I really enjoyed the Szechuan chicken (but felt it could have been spicier) and General Tso's chicken. Their sauces in the dishes are really good. Even the egg roll was chock full and tasty. I would happily come back here, since the service was friendly, or order take out. I appreciated how their prices are a few dollars less than Asian restaurants typically are (Chinese, Japanese, Thai, etc.). It looks like they offer great lunch specials too.


Daniel K.

Always have a good time here. The Chinese food is always good. Never had a bad meal. The food comes out usually within 5 minutes.  Crazy, I know! It doesn't taste like it sat around or anything. Always comes out steaming hot. Husband and wife ownership. Family owned and operated. You'll see them both serving you. Full menu, good drink selection and open late. Dine in and take out only. No delivery available.


Chelsea A.

Happy Dragon is my go-to for typical pajama time Chinese takeout or dining-in for cheap, strong drinks. Like their scorpion bowls! And open late night Thursday-Saturday! I'm not sure why it's so low stars. It's nothing fancy but everything I've had is exactly what I expect in takeout at good prices. And they don't mind substituting on their combo meals


Marc L.

Happy Dragon has excellent food can't find Chinese food like this out west. Love the egg rolls. Staff is very friendly.


Angela R.

Came here with a very large party last night.  Food was good but the waitress seemed overwhelmed.  A few dishes went to the wrong people.  The first round of drinks seemed watered down but second round was just right.   Food was overall good.


Gordon B.

Happy Dragon is good place to eat good prices good location but the waitresses keep on asking for tips we put money down on the table they keep on coming back and look at this if there's more money that we gave them one time between box the waitress wasn't happy with it


Leah M.

Probably the worst Chinese food I've ever had. So disappointed. The spare ribs were cold and tough. The beef and broccoli was super salty. The fried dumplings were ok but they forgot the dipping sauce.


Don W.

Happy Dragon has been there seemingly forever.  It looks a bit cheesy from the outside and it's not upscale inside.  It's not even the best Chinese that you'll find in Biddeford.  But there's plenty to like about the Happy Dragon.First, it's got the advantage of being like a real restaurant inside.  You won't think you're eating in a take-out place when you're in the dining room.  Second, there's the service.  It's friendly and communication is great.  They talk, they smile, and they understand.  It's nice.  Third, it's a local hangout.  People go there and find their friends or neighbors eating a few tables over.  There are a ton of regulars in the dining room.  Finally, there's the price.  If there are two of you eating dinner at the Happy Dragon, look for the "for 2" entrees.  We split the Marco Polo and some tea for dinner.  We left full, took home enough for another meal, and paid about .50 including tax and tip.  If we had gotten the more expensive Seafood Lo Mein, it would have been about .  We'll spend more than that having breakfast at the Palace Diner.  Oh, and the lunch menu shows a bunch of choices for about .  If you think you're going to do better than this, you're probably on your way over to Mulligan's.It's not amazing food but it's a good deal and it's consistent enough that it keeps the locals coming back.  Don't be afraid.  Go to the Happy Dragon expecting a decent cheap meal and you won't be disappointed.  Just don't think you're going someplace fancy and don't expect to close your eyes and think you've been magically transported to Beijing or Shanghai.  It's a reasonable Chinese restaurant in Biddeford and here on Yelp it meets the official definition of 3 stars, which is A-OK.


A K.

Excellent Chinese food and fast service. If you love beef teriyaki sticks, these are the best I've ever had. The fried rice is absolutely delicious, I could eat it just for a meal.  The sauce in the Seafood Delight entree is so good you will want to eat it with a spoon.


J G.

We all know the Chinese, with their ancient family recipes, flock to mid coastal Maine  and it has thus become an epicenter for fine Chinese dining. With this competitive environment the Happy Dragon manages to fall somewhat short... We had grease dripping plain chicken fingers and the Orange chicken which is an orange corn syrup poured over those same chicken fingers. It is obvious they were painstakingly reproduced just as they always have been since the 2nd Tang dynasty...One star because the Generals was pretty good and one star because it was a clean friendly place...


Janet M.

Happy Dragon is the place where everybody knows your name. We come here frequently and enjoy the familiarity of sitting at the bar and seeing regulars. And there is Ms. Pac Man!  The food is ok but the egg role is awesome.  The staff is super friendly and personable.


Steph S.

Have been going for years. Standard dishes and usually do takeout which is just ok. However, we ate there last night and food was great! So much better than when we take out. Moo goo Gai pan was perfect, veggies all very crisp. Crab ragoons were great. Service was nice. And eating there gives you a chance to have a scorpion bowl!


K M.

Food is decent. Unfortunately that's the best I can give it. Tried twice now just to be sure. Told it is ready "5-10 minutes" when I call.-- that's not a good indication of fresh food.  Chicken fingers were too overlooked to eat. (Breading practically too hard to cut) General Tao is too breaded and had no spice. Pork fried rice was good. Spare ribs excellent. Seems that they just overcook things to the point of them being too crispy and tough